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Blue Night album

Man In The Middle/Blue Night 7" vinyl single
Chris Thile & Michael Daves
Third Man Records, 2011
Produced by Jack White

1. Man In The Middle (H. Campbell)
2. Blue Night (B. Monroe)

"Third Man tips it’s toe in the bluegrass waters and does more than make waves...it blows your expectations to smithereens. Chris Thile is widely acknowledged as the preeminent mandolin player in the world and here on his pairing with guitarist Michael Daves (along with Jack White on drums and Carl Broemel on pedal steel) these bluegrass standards SHRED. They truly need to be heard to be believed." -TMR
Sleep With One Eye
                              Open album cover

Sleep With One Eye Open
Chris Thile & Michael Daves
Nonesuch Records, 2011

Sleep With One Eye Open”, the debut album from Thile and Daves, which was recorded live to tape over four days at Jack White’s Third Man studio in Nashville.  The duo makes for "a rip-roaring partnership," says the New York Times.  "Bluegrass, in their hands, gets roughed up in the best possible way, with skill and fervor, and a touch of abandon."  Sleep With One Eye Open” received a 2011 Grammy Nomination for Best Bluegrass Album.

1. Rabbit In The Log (trad.)
2. Cry, Cry Darling (J. Newman)
3. Loneliness and Desperation (M. Garris)
4. Tennessee Blues (B. Monroe)
5. 20/20 Vision (J. Alison & M. Estes)
6. You're Running Wild (R. Edenton & D. Winters)
7. Ookpik Waltz (F. Rodgers)
8. My Little Girl In Tennessee (L. Flatt)
9. Sleep With One Eye Open (L. Flatt)
10. Rain and Snow (trad.)
11. Mississippi Waltz (B. Monroe)
12. Bury Me Beneath The Willow (trad.)
13. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (trad.)
14. Billy In The Lowground (trad.)
15. It Takes One To Know One (H. Howard & F. Hart)
16. If I Should Wander Back Tonight (L. Flatt & E. Scruggs)

Live at the Rockwood, 2007

Based on a true qoute.

"I released live, solo album as my recorded debut because I wanted to document the shows of my every-single-Tuesday Residency at the Rockwood Music Hall. So I made an album all by myself, just singing & playing the good bluegrass music. You can't fake a live show, or a live album. It is what it it. Sometimes I was heckled by Kiefer Sutherland and his gin. Really. It's okay, though. We're real good friends now. Everybody loves the Rockwood!" - Michael Daves

1. I've Endured (O. Reed)
2. I Only Exist (J. Stanley, J. Morris)
3. Close By (B. Monroe, R. Van Winkle)
4. Rain and Snow (trad.)
5. I Live in the Past (V. Stauffer)
6. Old Dangerfield (B. Monroe)
7. Sophronie (A. Delmore, D. Mullins)
8. Look What Thoughts Will Do (L. Frizzell, J. Dickerson)
9. I'm Gonna Sleep with One Eye Open (L. Flatt)
10. Evening Prayer Blues (B. Monroe)
11. You Never Miss the Water (trad, arr W. Connah)
12. Shackles and Chains (F. Holmes)

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